My fiance has recently co-authored a book with 21 other successful women. I cannot express how proud I am of her achievement. On top of this book she has completed and soon to release her very own book as well as a bunch of other projects!
One of her larger projects to date was the Jaws Alert Mobile App, a global shark and wildlife notifications app which is community-based and free to download. Click on link to the Jaws Alert Facebook page
Back to the latest book

 Anna was co-author in an amazing, powerful book alongside 21 other incredible, UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN from around the world.


This book will transform your life, EMPOWER and MOTIVATE you to really make you aware that YOU too, can be truly Unstoppable!!

This is A Woman’s Guide to Conquer Life & Business with clarity & Certainty (Vol.1)
The overall concept and intention for the Unstoppable Woman Anthology is to offer practical knowledge, expertise and wisdom from women experts and leaders, who are in experts and  leaders in full alignment with their purpose.
In this anthology, you will read their success stories and learn how these experts have conquered challenges and situations in life and business. In addition, this book (and workbook) will present turnaround strategies to equip women worldwide seeking guidance to conquer life with confidence and certainty in becoming an Unstoppable Woman of Purpose.

So get ready people
The book and workbook are available to purchase now on Kindle US$1.99 SHORT TIME!


A signed hard copy will be able to be ordered through Anna. Please leave a comment for your signed copy.
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