How To Have A Good Day Everyday

How To Have A Good Day Everyday

I am going to cover some strategies that you can easily implement and show you How To Have A Good Day Everyday.

Our subconscious filters what we take in. Our brain picks up whatever is top of mind. You spill your coffee and you’re focused on being clumsy then it is possible you will dwell on this for longer than usual. Or If you are about to see someone you find annoying you are more likely to miss anything positive or kind they are saying.

You may have heard of the term selective awareness. If you have ever bought a car in the past you may have started noticing that model of car everywhere on the road. Or may have come out of a movie with your partner and you are discussing it afterwards and you realise you both have a totally different take on the movie.

A tip is to pick a time of day when you are able to have a think you do not need long. 10 seconds or so to think “o.k. what really matters? The Neurochemistry of reward rather than failure.

There is various research on priming thoughts and how they are connected to happiness. These can be referred to as stepping stones. Think of a time when you have worn say a suit & you have knocked it out of the park. When you have put that suit on again you feel ready to take on more.

Implementation intentions make a difference to us getting things done. Instead of saying “Oh I have to exercise today…sigh” say instead “after work is when I will put on my gym clothes on.” Science has shown a 300% increase in the chances of completing these tasks when you state when you will be implementing that action.

Science has shown we can only hold three or four things in our conscious rather than the 7 previously believed. Keep this in mind when stressing over any tasks at the one time.

Prisoners are less likely to get parole if the judge has not had a break & the judge feeling overloaded.

People need to learn to say “No”more often. The trick is to start with the thing we are saying yes to. An example would be “I’m really excited by all the work I have putting into my book and it’s great to talk to you today. Due to being so busy with my book I will not be able to say yes. It has been so great seeing you and hearing what you have been up to!” So start with warmth, say “no” and end with warmth. Rather than saying “no” and then explaining yourself. When doing the latter people go into a defensive mode- fight, flight or freeze. In this mode it is hard for them to hear any of your explanation as to why you are giving them a no.
Another important tip is to not assume someone is a bad person if they are having a bad day. “Assume good person, bad circumstances” and practice empathy.
If you’re having a bad day practice generosity. This is a win win! It makes you feel good & the other person feel good and you will feel more connected to humanity. These tips were from a book I read by Caroline Webb you can get more information from her latest book How To Have A Good Day Everyday. Or visit You can download a free discussion paper or a free chapter.
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