Best Bum Steers-Masterminds Movie

Masterminds Movie

It is very hard to believe this is a true story. I have a strong feeling the Director/Producers, or who ever was in charge of this flick were using creative license to the max. That said it was an enjoyable, hysterical movie about a bunch of odd balls that pulled off the biggest heist in American history…17 MILLION DOLLARS.

The main character played by Zach Galifianakis the dude who plays Fat Jesus in The Hangover is an intelligent guy that does not seem to have a social skill in his body. Due to that fact and also his major crush on his co-worker gets roped into helping some unsavory characters rip off his workplace. Which happens to hold a sh%t tonne of money. I feel like this movie could have gone too silly if the likes of Adam Sandler and his cronies were in charge of making it. However in my opinion it was done well and if you feel like a knee slapping time on the couch and seeing loosely how the biggest heist in U.S. history went down check out ‘Masterminds

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