Sloppy Service

I like to keep positive I don’t like to spew out negative crap, however I have a gripe regarding driving through and grabbing take-away from the fast food outlets.

I regard myself as a relatively healthy person however I am not perfect and enjoy fast food from time to time. I have noticed a trend when going through the drive through at fast food outlets and maybe it’s just me? I seem to receive a bag full of the wrong items…no I should correct that, normally most of the items are right, however there seems to be at least one mistake each time.

Even when I make a point of asking for something specific, like a toy for a female child, if possible, they seem to forget it. This I can live with I understand it’s not life altering. My major  gripe is ordering a couple of large messy burgers to drive off down the road and tackle, then reaching to the bottom of the brown paper bag to find no napkins! This puzzles me. Are the staff so young they have never driven a car and tried to eat a messy meal? or is it simply a situation of just not giving a hoot? I wonder am I being too sensitive? Is it the fact that I worked in hospitality for a number of years and it just seems obvious to me if you are eating you are going to want a napkin whilst enjoying your meal.

The best service and quality of fast food I have received is actually overseas. Most recently on a trip to Bali. I love nothing more than enjoying the Indonesian food. The first thing I want to do when I get off the plane is hook into a large mound of Nasi Goreng or similar. However on late nights commuting back to the Hotel  I find we shoot through a drive through all race into a fast food restaurant to get an easy fast meal. I could not fault the customer service, even with a communication breakdown at times. The freshness and temperature of food and also getting the order correct with bulk condiments and napkins. It is obvious that the employee’s & management take pride in what they are doing. Again I don’t like to bitch and moan however I feel the service they are providing is not rocket science.  It is a tried and true method of what should be speedy service and a simple yet effective meal when on the run.

Statistics show that as many as one in eight Americans have at some point worked in that largest franchise restaurant train chain in the world at some point in their life it is staggering that same chain serve as many as 68 million people worldwide per day. I’ve gotta say as wired as ‘The Golden Arches’ has it, I personally like to support the burger chain that started in good old Innaloo, Perth Western Australia 45 years ago, just minutes away from where I work most days of the week. They say ‘the burgers are better’…and Jack Cowan the founder has an estimated net worth of over one billion dollars and has part ownership of KFC, Domino’s, Channel Ten & Fairfax Media just to name a few. It is staggering looking at some of the statistics for what both fast food chains have done.

Some of the other statistics I found interesting in regards to Australia setting benchmarks for the rest of the world are the McCafe which believe it or not was introduced in 2004 and has gone on to boost McDonald’s brand in sales by a reported 60% and has spread to a other parts of the world. The “Create Your Taste” idea was another Australian first that has gone on to be popular and introduced in some of the other 118 countries that McDonald’s operates in. For interesting statistics & history on both companies click the link below. Please feel free to comment also. I would love to know if you find service frustrating at times. Or even what’s your favourite menu choice when eating fast food? Personally I’m a burger head!

McDonald’s Info

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