Top Tips To Stop Procrastinating-Part 1

In this series I will cover super easy and fast methods I have come across to crush the awful merry go round of procrastinating that lets face it we all go through. Even these people donning the covers of magazines face procrastination. After all we are human! It is a ever present evergreen issue for a reason.

Top Tips To Stop Procrastinating-Part 1

Break it down into a tini tiny au derves. The smallest action conceivable. An example is if you really want to write a novel. Thinking about the amount of pages or the hundreds of hours needed to be put in will seem way too hard and will put most of from even starting. If however you say “I will write two crappy pages per day’ these small successes are enough to motivate us to get into the habit. A key is to be hyper specific and have a timeline, saying I will commit to doing two crappy pages per day, weekdays only, for the next 90 days. You may not use them, but at least you are doing the do.

BJ Fogg has completed a lot of research for Stanford University and he has talked about doing less than you are capable of doing. When something is too big, intimidating or too much of a pain in the ass. Lets use a simple example of flossing our teeth, something no one really loves doing. If you say o.k I’m going to floss just my front two teeth, three little gaps, that’s all you are going to do. Then also make it as easy as possible, use a water pick or disposable flossing gadgets so you need to tourniquet your fingers.

Another example is the prolific music producer Rick Ruben when he is working with music artists he will give them tiny homework assignments. If he has a stuck artist he will say can you get me one word or one line that you might like for this song we are working on by tomorrow, is that possible. Neil Strauss an award winning writer for The New York Times talks about writers block and setting standards way to high. Do not say I am going to write 2000 words. You will create performance anxiety. Go back to the two crappy pages per day.

Another example could be with exercise. People set goals especially around New Years saying I’m going to smash it, I will do an hour a day, 6 days per week. If you are going from doing no exercise. Start by committing to 5-10mins 3 days per week.

With all these examples setting these macro goals will get us showing up, and often once started we naturally want to do more.

I hope you have enjoyed this first installment of Top Tips To Stop Procrastinating?

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments. Have you ever had similar experiences?

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