Daddy & Daughter Adventure.

Daddy & Daughter Adventure. Our four year old daughter, Keisha and I went for a ride on our push bikes this afternoon. Not long after we ventured off we rode through some bush land. Keisha hopped off her bike & asked me to lift her high enough to grab leaves hanging from a tree to the side of the path we were on. After she grabbed a handful of leaves she requested we go & explore. The bush we were in was dry and brown, however about 50 meters away was plenty of paperbark trees in what would be described as swamp land. Keisha found fun in finding sticks everywhere & attempting to pick up as many as possible. Her attention then turned to whacking trees, baseball swing style, our little girl definitely has a boisterous side!

As we ventured further into the thick paperbark trees we came across some substantial bike jumps. This took me back to my youth seeing the methods used to build these structures up to something peaky enough to help get some serious hang time while jumping gaps or table tops to then sail smoothly down the other side. Keisha was happy to hoick boulders and sticks around the place while I admired the handy work that had gone into making these jumps. I also felt a feeling of restored faith that kids still get outdoors & not all of today’s youngsters are totally devoted to computer games and their mobile phone screens. We were strolling past the jump pictured above when we noticed a Kangaroo casually chomping on grass meters from us. The marsupial was not fazed by Keisha and I, & was happy to pose for a piccy or two. Short Video Shortly after a group of young lads turned up and explained the triumphs and frustrations experienced putting the jumps together and talked about how stoked they were to be at the start of their 6 weeks of Summer school holidays.

The boys were good value and happy to hang with us despite our obvious age difference. Only one boy had his BMX bike with him, and was fine for me to snap photos of him taking on the jumps. However his first attempt proved to rattle his confidence as he over shot the table top all together and ended up stacking it. It was quickly explained that the bike was not his, and his preference was Mountain Bikes, not the smaller frame he was riding. We moved some pellets to try and fix one of the jumps and I was prepping to get some action photos however the young bloke decided against it. It ended up being quite a cool little adventure for Keisha and I. Earlier in the day our little one went to a birthday party which had a mermaid swim up mid party in the Dolphin Quay Marina. I know she will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow we have a family trip Penguin Island off Safety Bay.

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