Sample Bike

We received a sample recumbent bike today from the brand Sporttop. The other staff and I were keen to see it built and test it out for ourselves as the two elliptical machines that we offer from this company have a lot to be proud of. All I can say is I hope that the powers at be decide to stock this bike. The first thing you notice is the super comfortable seat which is something that customers get caught up on quite often when testing out this style of bike.The bottom part of the seat is super soft but the extra bonus was having the backrest on a gas strut and easily movable back and forward into any position.

The other thing I notice from the get go was the handles to the side of the seat. These are super comfortable and have cut outs to fit your hand ergonomically which is really cool. The other thing I like is being able to adjust the resistance or mode on these handles not just on the console. The other noticeable difference between this and other bikes was how smooth use the resistance or load was after changing up or using it in a interval style programe the difference between an easier level and the higher levels was not ridiculously noticeable because the bike was so smooth. You can really feel it has a good large flywheel. Fingers crossed we end up stocking this item super impressed from the get go without knowing too much about this bike.

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