Investing For The Average Joe

Investing For The Average Joe


In this article I will discuss what average Joe’s can do to set themselves up financially. Or more to the point Investing For The Average Joe. I have had an interest in investing for years now. Working with property investors in one of my past roles I quickly came to realise just how many of us are not set up for retirement. It used to be a case, before my time, of work your tail off after school, stay in that large corporation for 40 years and get a pension. The pension was set to last until they left the Earth.

Sadly the stats show the majority of baby boomers are ill prepared for retirement. In fact I recently heard a statistic that one in three Baby Boomers have $1,000 saved when getting to their retirement.

A myth regarding money and investing is that you need a tonne of money to invest and make any money.

If you look at people that have won the Lotto, or top sports personalities or movie stars that are on incredible money. Often five, seven or 10 years later they have nothing. I mean look at Mike Tyson he’s a prime example. The boxer earned over half a billion dollars income and then ended up bankrupt. Michael Jackson, ‘The King of Pop’ was bankrupt just before he died.
One common thread I’ve learnt reading about the world’s top investors is being consistent and putting away money over time. Warren Buffett said in an interview 3 reasons he has successful was one) He grew up in the USA with so many opportunities. Two) He had good genes and lived a long life, and Three) compound interest.
The wealthiest and financially savvy preach if you are able to put away a percentage of what you earn, overtime that will compound even if it is a small amount. Say  5% of what you earn, overtime compounding that will turn into 15 percent.
If two people 35 years old invested $100,000 receiving 7% return over 30 years, that would equate to $574,000.
However fees should also be taken into account, it is shown that most people do not understand the fees that mutual funds charge. Most believe they are only getting charged 1%. However a majority add on up to 17 other “costs” equating to an average of 3.17 percent.
In an interview I heard with Tony Robbins he talked about investing in a Vanguard 500. Which is the top 500 companies. Doing so you would only pay 0.17% fees as opposed to the more popular option of managed and the 3% fees. Taking this suggestion and comparing it to the example of two 35 year olds investing $100,000. That final figure of $574000 if you were paying the three percent to an actively managed mutual fund would charge your final figure would to $324000 or 77% less money & the only difference is the fees.
An example of compound interest working overtime was a UPS courier driver by the name of Theodore Johnson. The guy had never made more than $14,000 per year.  Yet he committed to putting away 20% of his pay on automation. In his later years his net worth was over $70,000,000.
This is an extreme case of committing pay to saving most of us could not even put away 10% of our income. However the example shows that overtime compounding interest on investment can and will add up.
Tony Robbins has written a book interviewing 50 of the most financially savvy investors and hedge fund managers, spending 3 + hours with each of them. He then narrowed the list down to the top 12 and took the cream of those interviews and put them into a book. The book is titled Money, Master The Game, 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom. Checkout for more information.
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